Vision of IBS


As a visionary leader, the President of IBS, Bishop Joab Lohara has envisioned many things. IBS is one of them.

When he sent his eldest son to study MBA in a reputed B-School, it cost him a great deal. When his younger son wanted to take up an undergrad course in Business Administration, the fee structures were sky high for a middle class family.

The question that bothered him was, “Wasn’t a Management Degree in the destiny of a poor child?

Is it fair that a brilliant child be deprived of higher education because of financial constrains?”

If poverty shatters the dream of the youth and holds them back from upward social mobility, there must be an institution or a person that could come alongside and help them in their pursuit of higher education.

The seed for a Business School for Minorities was planted in the midst of these aching thoughts.

God has brought together some men of integrity and expertise to stand and support this vision. They are committed to actualizing the vision of making IBS an academically entrepreneurial B-School and to offer a cutting edge learning experience that has a real world impact in economic and social transformation.

Actually the vision is bigger than this. We want to be able to develop this institute into a University with programs such as Education, Hotel Management, Social Work, Mass Communication, Economics, etc.

It will be a University one day with a view to offer them education with value and empower them educationally, socially and economically.

This does not mean education at IBS is free. Sometimes free things lose their value. MBA is not a charity program; it is for the deserving students who are industrious, intelligent and have a will to conquer. We will try to be as much helpful so there is an opportunity even for a pooer student to be an achiever.

IBS is a global learning community. We invite you to be part of this community. We bring the world to IBS, so you could go global.

We also invite those who think of “Higher Education to the Poor” to partner with us.



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