Founder Chairman


Our Founder-Chairman, Dr. Joab Lohara is a young sexagenarian with bundle gifts and talents. His global outlook, visionary leadership, and entrepreneurial abilities have made several of his undertakings a great success, including IBS.

Dr. Lohara is a globe-trotter: he has traveled to 45 countries in 6 continents and spoken in many universities such as Seattle Pacific University, Spring Arbor University, etc. in the USA, the latest being Hope Africa University in Burundi. Having observed education system the world over, he has been developing a new system that would imbibe education at IBS.

No private educational institution in India ever made an intentional investment in a central library, nor taken the risk of a loan fund to encourage the underprivileged students to take up higher education, nor the import of foreign professors and students to impart world class learning at our doorstep, nor created a link with so many foreign universities, so IBS could avail a student exchange program. Presidential award to outstanding students and free study tour to U.S.A for top rankers are not the admission gimmicks but a brilliant and honest effort of our Chairman to bolster the structure and affordability of education at IBS.

Dr. Lohara is a prolific author: twenty-one books have come out of his pen. His English publications include Dynamics of Glocal Mission, The Kingdom Addict, The Foreigner, etc. He is a sought-after conference speaker and his talks on servant leadership have been appreciated everywhere. His unique handle on the English language has made him an admired orator.

Above all, he is a compassionate philanthropist. He has initiated several humanitarian agencies that serve the poor and the disenfranchised children, women, and youth of our nations. More than 100,000 people are being cared for every single day through his benevolent endeavor.

He is soft spoken, yet a stern decision maker. A reserved personality, yet a very loving person, humorous and easy to approach. Simple and innocent, yet a genius thinker and a super conversationist on any matter. He is a motivator and a storehouse of innovative ideas.

Dr. Lohara studied Sanskrit in High School, majored in English literature in the University and has a Ph.D. in Religion from Vision International University, USA.