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lines “IBS is designed to provide an environment for global learning and to produce employable graduates.  100% placement record speaks of our commitment to world class education and of our testimony to academic viability”."What's in your repertoire?" - Your employer is going to ask you this question at some point in your career, someday?    It is for this reason, We at IBS are seriously concerned about producing employable business graduates.  Having been associated with B-schools and corporate houses across the globe, we know exactly what the employers are looking for: people who can enhance the success of an organization, not just do the functions of a job. We have developed life skills that go beyond a typical college class. We offer our students to understand the context of their education and the realities of a global marketplace.  The importance of integrating soft and hard skills is THEREFORE on the top of our agenda so that our students learn to weave soft skills into their life and education. WE have an excellent contingent of highly qualified faculty and extremely helpful staff. While the very dynamic Dr. Sandra Kirthy continues to be the Principal, the campus has a new provost in Dr. Ravirakula Jabez. With the help of our teaching and administrative staff, they have been doing a tremendous job to ensure that our bench mark is set higher.  All the parents and the students must understand that we spend huge amounts of money for faculty salaries, food, administration, buildings, sports, conferences, foreign visits, campus maintenance, etc. Whereas fees we collect are very negligible – it can’t even pay the salary of one staff. But our joy has been to see economically weak students acquire a degree in management and get into a career. We work very hard on those students who cannot speak English well. We engage special language teachers.  We enlighten them with soft skills and send them to visit foreign universities, corporate houses and business firms. We invite foreign professors and students to our campus, so our students can interact with them and learn from each other. We engage them to write articles and do presentations.  They participate in debates, and inter-collegiate competitions.  Each one of our faculty and staff mentors 3-5 students all through the program. All these are a part of our endeavor to create a brand.  No wonder, many of our students get placements while they are in the last semester of their MBA. We can really boast of those who have made it to companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Hinduja Global Services, Cognizant, Amazon.com, etc.   

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