MBA Finance


MBA Finance is a two-year program affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad. Students of any discipline with 50 percent marks may apply.

It is important that a student sends his/her enrolment form online before sending the Application Form. The application form found on website is printer friendly. This may be duly filled in and sent by mail along with necessary documents.

The curriculum is industry oriented and is geared towards making students ready for the corporate world even before they step into it.

The core curriculum focuses on developing students in their field of studies and in analytical skills that are essential elements of effective decision making.

Students will learn through case studies, live projection, classroom discussions, field trips, consulting assignments and collaborative learning. Credit courses like emotional intelligence, creative thinking and human engineering are taught at IBS.

Value added courses like Quality management, Environmental management system, Health and safety management, Food safety management system, Lean management, IT service management, Six sigma green belt and Business continuity management are also offered to MBA students.

Personality enhancement is a great focus at IBS. To help students in personal grooming, special sessions are held on business etiquette, negotiation skills and effective communication. Special modules would be held on leadership, team work and analytical skills.

Success in modern life requires learning in social realm as well as inside the class room. Participation of students in sports and cultural events develop individual talents and team skills. IBS would therefore promote sports events musical events, knowledge festivals, challenging competitions, etc.

Students at IBS learn from the rich real world experience of the faculty as well as books. Join IBS and be a global leader.