SOLIPET: Where is it?”  : “Well, that is where IBS is!” : “But where is it? Is it near Nalgonda town?”   : “There is another Solipet somewhere near Nalgonda. But that is not where we are located." We are in the direction of Keesara. Solipet is about 15 km.  from Keesara town towards Chikatimamidi.  If your home is in ECIL crossroads, and two of your family members start travelling, one in the direction of Inorbit Mall in Hi-tech city and the other in the direction of Solipet where IBS is, the one travelling to IBS will reach faster: beautiful roads (thanks to HMDA), no traffic lights, and no humps. What’s more?  IBS has college buses that provide transportation to commuting students at a minimal cost. They ply on all working days from Secunderabad station and Uppal circle.


Transportation Incharge :

Mr Moses, Ph : +91 9533523406 .